Hervochon Construction

Our History


“George was smart enough to have quit his job
as a precious metals trader on Wall Street
and followed his dream to Maine”

MONEY magazine, August 2001

"George Hervochon was 28 years old when he picked up a discarded New York Times newspaper laying beside him on the commuter train that shuttled him home from his job on Wall Street each day. It was the headline, “Build Your Own Home in Maine” that caught his eye and caused him to stuff the newspaper into his briefcase. His wife Kathy was less impressed and felt very determined that the family remain in New Jersey with their 3 year old and newborn daughter. George, however, could not shake the enticement of being his own boss and “living off the land” in New England.

It was after attending a Marriage Encounter weekend that Kathy became willing to take a leap of faith and trust that her husband, who had never held a hammer, could build the family a new home in Maine. George wasted no time in connecting with the person mentioned in that now tattered newspaper article.

Charlie Wing of Shelter Institute was teaching novice builders to construct their own passive solar, energy efficient homes. Since classes had begun a month prior to his call to Shelter Institute, George had to refer to books recommended by the school and rely on a few private consultations with Charlie Wing as sufficient training to begin building. Leaving his family behind, George drove to Maine alone and within two days of his arrival purchased a 75 acre parcel in Newcastle. He slept in his new Ford pick up truck and began construction.

Within a month the local newspaper, intrigued by the design, pictured the house and its builder on the front page. A line in this newspaper article reads, “Hervochon is so taken with Shelter Institute designed houses, he is considering going into business with a local man to build them.” And so the fledgling Hervochon Construction business was born.

In its earliest years Hervochon Construction remained faithful to the principles of passive solar design taught by Shelter Institute. With the advancement and improvement of energy efficient materials and techniques, homes designed and built by Hervochon Construction took on the look of more traditional New England architecture. Since 1975 nearly 100 homes and renovation projects spanning the midcoast of Maine and New Hampshire seacoast have been completed by Hervochon Construction.

In 2001 Hervochon Construction completed a renovation project for a family in Washington, Maine. The homeowner, who is a free lance writer, submitted a story to MONEY magazine describing his home renovation experience. In that article the author writes, “Hiring contractor George Hervochon was the best decision we ever made.”

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